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Get Your Motorcycles Running For The Laconia Biketemberfest 2019 In Weirs Beach

The long wait is over, bikers! Biketemberfest is back. Last year’s event was a blast, this year will even be better!

Get on your bikes and take a wild ride to the Tower Hill Tavern in Weirs Beach on September 13-15 for the fall motorcycle rally of the year. It’s a fun and crazy way to end the week with a blast.

A Fun And Crazy Party At The Weirs Beach September 13th – 15th

The Biketemberfest organizers have gained permission from the city and the State Liquor Commission to allow participants to have some alcoholic beverage during the event.

Thanks to Anthony Santagate of Tower Hill Tavern. Biketemberfest is his idea and he made it into reality. The event is meant to help local businesses while allowing people to have some fun and enjoy the music and drinks.

Head-On To A Wild Good Time At The Biketembefest In Laconia

It is definitely going to be a wild good time in Weirs Beach this coming Friday to Sunday. During the event, you can purchase your alcoholic drink from one of the shops in the area and drink on the street while watching live music on an outdoor stage.

More About The Event
 What:  Laconia Biketemberfest 2019
 Where: Tower Hill Tavern - Weirs Beach
        264 Lakeside Ave
        New Hampshire 
 When:  Sep 13 – Sep 15  
        5 PM EDT
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