Goblin Market Is A Blend Of Puppetry And Poetry.

Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater Presents Goblin Market!

Goblin Market
by Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon,
Music by Polly Pen,
based on a Poem by Christina Rossetti
Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater.

Two proper Victorian sisters are now grown and mothers. Returning to the nursery of their youth, they relive their haunting memories there. Goblins woo them with luscious fruits, promising them ecstasy beyond their imagination.

NYMMT’s Goblin Market blends puppetry and poetry, journeying through the psyches of these two sisters. It takes inspiration from art and the fantasy worlds of films like Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal with synthesizers and percussion enhancing the score.

Critics referred to this production in New York as “an absolutely gorgeous piece of Victorian erotica”….“a spellbinding, highly imaginative show….in a class by itself.”

Goblin Market Will Be Playing At The HatBox Theatre November 15 – 24, 2019

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NOTE: This production is rated PG-13 due to Victorian-era eroticism and puppetry.

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