Introduction To Disc Dog Workshop!

Disc Dog Workshop Saturday February 22, 2020.

This introductory workshop will focus on introducing new handlers and dogs to the sport of canine disc. Emphasis will be placed on safety and introducing your dog to multi-disc play. Basic throwing techniques will also be covered.

Dogs should have an interest in toys and basic fetch skills. Each team will receive two, dog-safe, competition approved discs. Additional discs will be available for purchase. Auditors welcome.

This Disc Dog Workshop Will Be Hosted By Inspire K-9’s Training Center LLC.

Inspire K-9’s is a dog training facility that strives for you and your dog to be a team! We believe in teaching you and you and your dog to learn with a force free method

A force free, family friendly, dog training facility. Built around developing a strong foundation, trust, and compassionate Human/K-9 bond. Also striving to educate and guide pet owners into have a balanced relationship with their four legged children. While providing fun ways to release structured energy, that can be fun for both dog and human.

This Disc Dog Event Will Be Great Fun For You And Your Dog!

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