Labyrinth Viewing Party At Chunky’s Cinema Pub Manchester: Travel Back In Time With This 80’s Classic!

I Remember Seeing The Labyrinth Years Ago And Loved It! Now Is Your Chance To Relive Your Childhood At Chunky’s Cinema Pub Manchester

Let’s all go back in time and enjoy the fantasy-adventure movies of the ’80s. Get a kick out of this movie about a fifteen-year-old girl named Sarah who unintentionally wished her infant brother to be taken away by the goblins.

If Sarah, played by Jennifer Connelly, is not able to complete the Labyrinth in 13 hours, the Goblin King will keep Toby, her baby brother.

Timeless Songs That Will Make You Feel Young Again

The director of the movie, Jim Hensen and George Lucus, the producer made sure that the songs in this movie will make you rock as hard as you did when you were younger. David Bowie is in the movie, so you’d expect great music and an awesome storyline.

This adventure-filled movie is undeniably a fabulous fantasy that will make your heart pump faster eager to know how it ends. The visual effects of the movie are highly lauded it was even nominated for Best Special Visual Effects in the British Academy Film Awards.

Watch how Sarah battles all the trials and tests thrown at her by the Goblin King. Her journey to save her baby brother is not without intervention from Jareth, the king of Goblins.

Don’t miss your chance to view this ’80s gem and go back to your childhood once again. Hurry up as tickets are selling out fast!

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When:  Thursday, August 15, 2019, at 7 PM – 9 PM EDT 
Where: Chunky's Cinema Pub Manchester
       707 Huse Road
       New Hampshire