Leap Day Ladies Ride!

Leap Day Ladies Ride Saturday February 29, 2020!

The BIP Snodeo is a free event, however donations are now being accepted and will be given to Collette’s Grove Association (this is the generous entrance for the event) as well as the Big Island Pond Association for events and maintenance of the lake we all love.

When you donate, you will receive an event wristband, raffle tickets for amazing prizes, and the ability to race your sled or OHRV with NO REGISTRATION and with ANY MODIFIED exhaust. This is approved by FISH & GAME, meaning no tickets if you donate and have a wristband!

Follow the link below to donate prior to event day or bring cash the day of! If pre-donating, please stop by the donation booth to receive your wristband and the dollar amount you donate in raffle tickets. We are hoping all to have a wristband to help keep track of how many people are in attendance!

Lady Riders Make Sure To Join This Leap Day Event.

Click Here For More Info And Attend