Reminisce The Old Times And Catch Jim Leach Do His Magic Once Again At The Fall Fest 2019 In Benson Park

A Travel Back In Time

Jim Leach is once again performing his magic at the Benson Park on Saturday. He used to be the resident magician of the park from 1980-1987. Now he’s back just like the good old times.

Come and see Jim Leach perform his amazing magic and enjoy the rest of the show with your friends and family.

Tea Party, Anyone?

Festiviteas LLC at Fall Feat 2019, NH

Festiviteas LLC is also giving a free tea party for everyone. Have some free tea and goodies while enjoying the show, all for free!

The Old Woman’s Shoe is also open during the event so everyone can have their photo ops.

This free event will be held at the Benson Park, near the Elephant Barn. It’s open to everyone. Bring your kids and everyone else in the family. Your donations are highly appreciated but are not required.

It is best to bring your own lawn chairs and put on some sunscreen during the event. If you ever feel hungry or want to have some refreshments, the Elephant Barn Gift Shop is open. They sell ice cream, snacks, and beverages.

The Fall Fest 2019 is a free entertainment event brought to you by the Friends of Benson Park.

For more information about the Fall Fest 2019, you may call (978)788-5193 or email [email protected]

More About The Event

What:  Fall Fest 2019
Where: Benson Park
       10-28 Kimball Hill Rd 
       New Hampshire
When:  October 5, 2019
       1 PM – 4 PM 

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