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Time For Family Fun At the 4th Annual Salem Scramble By The Salem School District

Every year, the Salem Scramble is getting bigger and better. This year, there will be more games and events for everyone to enjoy.

The Salem Scramble Offers More Fun, Games, And Events On September 28th In Salem NH

This year is more exciting than the last. There will be more events to look out for, more games to play and more giveaways from our generous sponsors.

Various community organizations will be hosting raffles, crafts, and tasting booths. There will also be a bouncy house which your kids will surely love. There are a lot more activities such as photography to entertain everyone at the event including the racers and families.

The obstacle race has been finalized and the event will push through no matter what the weather is. Weather is looking good, but just in case, the show must go on!

Check the obstacle outline here:

Obstacle Quicklist

Elem/Middle School Start

1 — Waterslide (New)

— Dave’s Danger Pit (New)

3 — Hay Jumps

4 — Tire Alley

5 — Mud Pit

6 — Up & Down Chute

7 — Tire Flip

8 — Rope Jump (New)

9 — Jug Carry

10 — Medicine Ball Throw

11 — Rock Wall Climb

(Grades 1 & 2 proceed to #23)

12 — Pole Flips

13 — Mud Pit

14 — Superman Pull

15 — Field Tunnel Crawl

(Grades 3-5 proceed to #23)

Middle School Only

16 — Wall Leap 

17 — PVC Pipe Carry

18 — Box Jumps

19 — Stone Pull

20 — Spear Throw

21 — Balance Rope

22 — Rock Wall Climb

All Grades Finish

23 — A-Wall

24 — Warp Wall

25 — Cargo Net

26 — Football Blocker Gauntlet

Thanks to our community sponsors, all participants will receive a free bag with goodies.

Don’t Miss Out On The Fun

There are limited spaces open so hurry up and register now. There are defined time slots for a select number of spaces so changes in start time are no longer accepted.

To register, please visit this page. You can also join in the fun and experience the Salem Scramble by becoming a volunteer. You can sign up here. If possible, please sign up for more than one event.

Salem High School
More About The Event

What:  4th Annual Salem Scramble 
When:  Saturday
       September 28, 2019 
       9 AM – 12 PM EDT 
Where: Salem High School
       44 Geremonty Dr 
       New Hampshire 

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